“my elbow pain has been an issue and caused me to give up on training multiple times. Your persistence to find a workout that helped push that discomfort while also strengthening it is 100% the reason I haven’t given up this time. Your proactive reaching out to schedule a time, and working around my varying work hours is another reason I’ve been so consistent at the gym, and overall seeing better results than ever.”

-Michael C.


"Some days I really feel I can't do my workout. I go to see Sean and he's so supportive and by the end of our session I've put in a great workout.

Often I think that I am in great shape and don't need anyone's help. Then I go see Sean and realize I can always learn something new and that I need someone to help push me in ways I couldn't do myself.

The best part about having Sean as my trainer is that he never judges me and supports me mentally as well as my physical conditioning. I don't know what i would do without him as part of my health and wellness.


Flex Fitness Background.jpg

Since our first session in October 2018, I had been able to share a few personal moments with Lucas. Some of these moments involved me in grieving and others were related to my professional success. Regardless of the situation, I had Lucas’ support each and every time. This is why I have never failed to thank Lucas after each session. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to treat each session as an positive outlet. My experience in having Lucas as my personal trainer has been nothing short of phenomenal.



"Signing up for personal training with Lucas is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’m blown away by the level of fitness and wellness I’ve been able to achieve in just 6 months.

The changes in my body are noticeable in the weight I've lost and curves I've built. I’ve also seen improvements in my ability to focus and push myself harder throughout each session.

Lucas is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of his profession. His experience and commitment make each session fun and challenging.

He is extremely reliable and always ready to start training with a planned exercise routine or adapts to how I’m feeling that day. He is attentive and ensures that my technique is correct and that I'm getting the most out of each exercise.

I love working out with Lucas and look forward to it every week… He's the BEST!

I only wish I had started sooner, it’s definitely worth the investment.


Flex Fitness Background.jpg

“Sean has been a tremendous support system to my strength training development. He is very knowledgeable on technique and has guided me on which exercises will help to eliminate what I consider to be my “problem” areas. I feel stronger, confident and much more comfortable in the weights section at the gym. To top it off, he has a great sense of humour and I always look forward to some good laughs in addition to an awesome workout.”



"I have the privilege of training with Sean. In the past, I have struggled going to the gym on a regular basis. Due to my injuries I require a trainer who understands my specific needs around rehabilitation & strength training.

At the beginning of the year I decided to get a personal trainer. I was paired with Sean and the journey has been incredible. Sean understands and creates routines that are challenging yet I can do them on my own.

He supports me with a healthy eating plan so I know my diet is balanced & so am getting what I need!

Sean is passionate about helping people to look & feel better. This is reflected in his work ethic.

I am certain that Sean will go above and beyond for any client.


Flex Fitness Background.jpg

I've been training with Sean for over a year now. Signing up with him as my personal trainer was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Having always struggled with my fitness and weight goals, right off that bat he knew exactly how to help. Sean listened and discussed my goals with me and customized a training and meal plan according to my lifestyle. He always pushes me to test my limits and doesn't take "no I can't do this" for an answer. The best part is that he's always available if I have any questions.  With workouts that are realistic and easy to keep up with, Sean has made going to the gym fun.  I went from never going to the gym, to going four times a week. He's really helped me keep on track and reach my goals  Since starting personal training with Sean I have gone down one dress size and I'm more confident and happy with myself.



"I have been working with Lucas F, as my personal trainer, for the past year following 10 months of surgery, chemotherapy and physical inactivity. Lucas is extremely knowledgeable and professional and devised an ever-evolving exercise program tailored to my specific needs and goals, including improving my poor posture, balance problems and bad back pain, due to multiple spinal fractures, and arthritis.

He is very encouraging and respectful and able to provide personal attention without making you feel self-conscious. He actually makes it fun and enjoyable to train. He has trained me within my capabilities and challenged me with a variety of increasingly difficult exercises. He has ensured that I learn techniques, which I can do at home to improve my flexibility, strength and reduce pain. I am feeling stronger now; the pain in my back and knees is much less, and I know what to do to alleviate it when I do feel pain!

Lucas is well respected and consulted by other trainers in the gym. I have observed him interacting with clients of all ages and levels of fitness, all with the same warmth, sensitivity and sense of humour. I recommend him without hesitation.

-Pat Rogers

Flex Fitness Background.jpg

Lucas is an exceptional personal trainer - I have worked with him for the last 1.5 years, and have nothing but praise for his approach. In previous years at different facilities, I have worked with other personal trainers with less than satisfactory results. This has not been the case with Lucas - he is by far the best trainer I have worked with.

As an older (71) woman, a problem with previous trainers has been to work with a trainer who has an awareness/appreciation for the potential and the limitations of the older body. In my experience, Lucas is unique in being both a good listener re hearing my assessment of my physical potential each time we meet as well as knowing how to structure a satisfying, challenging, and safe workout session with him in light of my assessment.

Lucas has a broad and deep knowledge base relative to workout issues and welcomes questions that take advantage of his depth of knowledge. And, finally, Lucas gives the impression that he enjoys what he does as a personal trainer and is committed to giving his clients a quality experience - an essential characteristic to find in someone that you work with on a regular basis.”

-LesLiE B.