Physical activity is essential for maintaining a productive work/life balance, yet our increasingly busy lives can make it difficult to get to the gym. Flex Fitness was born through the recognition of a need for flexible, bespoke personal training that comes to you. Whether you’d prefer to work out at home, at the office, or even in a local park, our trainers work around your schedule and requirements and supply the equipment. Our training sessions are uniquely tailored to each individual’s specific needs and goals - from weight loss, to rehabilitation, to strength, to stress relief.  We understand that reaching your goals extends beyond your training sessions, and are always available via email or phone to support our clients and ensure success. Flex Fitness offers training services to clients living in Toronto's Yorkville and Rosedale neighbourboods.


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Each of our clients comes to us with a unique set of goals, and it’s our job to create tailor-made fitness programs that allow them to reach those goals as efficiently as possible, ensuring that they stay motivated and feel supported at all times.


Our trainers come to you, making it easier for you to fit training into your busy schedule, and far more difficult to find excuses to put it off.


Mobile personal training sessions offer more discretion than traditional training sessions, allowing you to keep your fitness journey out of sight of colleagues, clients or acquaintances. Mobile personal training clients are able to focus their attention on their goals without the usual distractions so often found in the gym. 
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Lucas is a certified RHEP with the Ontario Fitness Council with specialty certificates in Fitness and Health Promotion and Resistance Training.

Lucas began his career working with the University of Waterloo’s football team, providing athletic therapy services. This allowed him to work with high-performing athletes on a wide range of programming ranging from injury prevention, to strength training, to metabolic conditioning, to injury assessment and rehabilitation.

From there he spent years working one-on-one with clients at one of Toronto’s largest gyms, quickly rising through the ranks to become the company’s top rated trainer in both Canada and the United States. Lucas has worked with clients of all ages and abilities - from busy executives, to clients in need of post-surgery rehabilitation, to olympic athletes.

Lucas specializes in programming focused on rehabilitation, postural correction, strength based movements, bodybuilding and weight loss. Lucas is known for his ability to hold his clients accountable for their goals, his around-the-clock service, and his impressive sneaker collection. He is always happy to provide inspiration to his clients by showing them embarrassing photos of himself as a teenager taken before he became interested in fitness.

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Sean is a certified RHEP with the Ontario Fitness Council who began his fitness journey at a young age, working his way to the highest level of competitive hockey in the province of Ontario. When injuries derailed further success in the world of competitive sport, Sean embarked on a career in business and finance. After several years working in this field, Sean’s passion for health and fitness drove him to develop his expertise as a personal trainer. The experience of working in an office environment has given Sean a deep appreciation of the essential role that exercise plays in increasing energy levels and maintaining a healthy and productive work and personal life. This understanding has enabled him to tailor programs to the individual needs of hundreds of clients over his years working in personal fitness.

Sean specializes in weight loss, performance-based training, as well as pre-natal and postural movement. He works with clients from all walks of life at every phase of their fitness journey, from beginners learning about exercise for the first time, to athletes who wish to take their performance to the next level. He believes that with the right mindset and the appropriate guidance any goal is attainable.

Sean’s commitment to his clients has quickly made him one of the city’s most sought-after trainers, as well as the top ranking trainer in North America.